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   Chocolate On A Stick

Chocolate On A Stick

Author: Bellacera, Carole Set In . . .
 North America, USA, California, Nevada, Las Vegas, Tennessee
Genre: Romance
Time Frame: 2000s
Published: 2005
Description: An elderly Appalachian couple, who've fallen in love in Memphis, take to the road in a red Corvette because their wacky children decide to send them to separate retirement homes. Soon the police are in hot pursuit as they try to reach their goal of California so Velma can get her first glimpse of the ocean.

"Contemporary author Carole Bellacera jumps into the romantic comedy sub-genre with both feet in this laugh a minute story, written from each and every character's point of view. While most of these insights are very funny, Velma's story is heartbreaking. However, she is the strongest voice heard and is basically saying the past is the past, and, my favorite, sex at seventy-three is as good as it was at twenty-three. Louie loved his late wife dearly, but he's been alone a long time and to him, Thelma is his CHOCOLATE ON A STICK. A very clever plot, peopled with great characters and outstanding narrative, makes this book appealing and fun to read." -- Betty Cox, Reader To Reader

"Carole Bellacera is one to think 'outside the box,' and she really does it in CHOCOLATE ON A STICK. It's not like any romance you've read lately, because not many romances have seventy-year-old protagonists. It's fun, crazy, and a little weird, but read it. You'll like it. You might even recognize a family member of two. I know that independent little foxy Velma could have been my grandma." --Lucele Coutts,

"The story romps along at a rapid pace, leaving the reader breathless at times, wishing for a bit of calm. Still, it is refreshing to read a comic adventure starring a pair of young-at-heart senior citizens, Velma and Louie. They are rambunctious, randy and full of fun. Even the supporting cast in Carole Bellacera's CHOCOLATE ON A STICK is outrageous and larger than life. Their descriptions are so colorful the reader easily pictures them. Each character speaks in their own first person chapters, revealing their inner and outer development...a lively, laughable read." --Geri, Love Romances

"CHOCOLATE ON A STICK, while very different, is a delightful novel. Readers will wonder what trouble two seventy-year-olds can, and will, get into. They will be challenged, along with Velma, as Louie acts like the youngest grandfather you will ever meet. Bellacera definitely wrote a funny tale!" -- Shelley Bush,

"An entertaining and zany tale of love that knows no age and adventure that knows no bounds. This is a fun and heart-warming tale told from each character's perspective (i.e., first person). Full of comical and side-splitting dialogue that will have you cheering the "old geezers" on to their final destination." --Teresa Sanders, Romance Designs

"This is a very different type of read than the ones Carole Bellacera has written in past. It is funny yet contains a serious social issue that is addressed. The elderly have rights even though their grown up children might not agree with their choices and the lovebirds prove that they will do whatever is necessary to lead their own lives. CHOCOLATE ON A STICK is a sweet charming geriatric romance." --Harriet Klausner

"This is pure delight – you’re gonna wanna read this one! You’d never recognize this as being a Carole Bellacera book as it is entirely different in style and theme from anything else she has ever written. Well, we are blessed that she wrote this for it’s priceless! Filled with all kinds of endless folk expressions and wonderful characters and delightful dialogue, this is a very special story that is told in a very special way. A terrific love story like no other and both poignant as well as funny." --Donna Doyle, Romance Reviews

"This is a rollicking story, cross country, for these two elderly lovers who become cult characters as they elude their family and the police across the United State. Peppered with the ins and outs of their relationship and colored with the description
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