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   The Cassini Division

The Cassini Division

Author: MacLeod, Ken Set In . . .
 Outer Space, Jupiter, Callisto, Europe, England, London
Genre: Science Fiction
Time Frame: Future
Published: 1998
Description: Ken MacLeod is a science-fiction sensation in his native Britain, widely compared to Vernor Vinge, Bruce Sterling, and Iain Banks, but with a storytelling energy all his own. The Cassini Division, his first novel to appear in America, displays his astonishing power and range.

Ellen May Ngewthu is a young woman with centuries of experience, a soldier and leader of the Cassini Division, the elite defense force of the utopian Solar Union. Here in the twenty-fourth century, the forts of the Division, in orbit around a mysteriously transformed Jupiter, are the front line in humanity's long standoff with the unknowable posthumans--godlike and remote beings descended from the people who transformed themselves with high technology centuries ago.

The posthumans' capacities are unknown . . . but we know they disintegrated Ganymede, we know they punched a wormhole into Jovian space, and we know that the very surface of the solar system's largest planet has been altered by their incomprehensible artifacts. Worst of all, we know that they have been bombarding the solar system with powerful data viruses for generations.

Now Ellen has a plan to rid humanity of this threat once and for all. But she needs to recruit the right people to her cause--and convince them to mistrust the posthumans as much as she does.

Her quest will take her to the mid-Atlantic towers of Solar Union Earth, to the green ruins of London, and, in the farthest reaches of human space, to the long-separated libertarian colony of New Mars. In the process, much will be revealed--about history, about power, and about what it is to be human.

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