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   Spirit Of the Silent Butler

Spirit Of the Silent Butler

Author: Lakey, Babs Set In . . .
 North America, USA, Minnesota
Genre: Mystery
Time Frame: 2000s
Published: 2002
Description: Elsie Sander's time bomb style of suspense is about to begin—midst a Minnesota blizzard in Nov of '93. Randolph Boodles, owner of a drug rehab center, likes the finer things in life—for himself. He spends an inordinate amount of time in his Jaguar—tonight he parks in Wal-Mart's lot, samples his latest shipment of primo drugs while mind waltzing; he observes a young woman aide a homeless 'Nam vet. Randolph coaxes and at last drives the young woman to a lonely dead end road on the West bank of the river, killer that he is, he believes her fate is in his hands. At the time of their encounter, Avenger, Elsie Sanders is released from jail after a lengthy, victorious trial, she walks along the Mississippi river to a stretch of land that was once a burial ground for American Indian spiritualists and healers; many believe that their blood and bones, once dust, dissolved into the river. The river sloshed, winds whispered, then howled, fog clung like mold, and their Spirits became the mist that settled into the surrounding earth. A junkyard of rust-bucket cars line the area between the dead end road and the river—distorted hunks of metal, removed years ago by the city, now appear as coffins in a playground for Evil. Appear and disappear, they travel piggy-back with the killer. Detective Gerald Lawrence has more than this case to deal with; his brother visits Minneapolis to spend time at Choices, a treatment center for his alcoholism, when he meets and falls in love with Elsie. One major hitch—Law's brother is a Roman Catholic priest.

Under the frozen river's ice a woman and her crying children have been trapped, stuck for over thirty years; they are begging the forces of justice and light to put differences aside, unite against the darkest side of evil, and set their spirits free.

Enter the Jaguar with Boodles, on a ride with a chillingly psychotic mind you will not soon forget.

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