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   Pelham Fell Here

Pelham Fell Here

Author: Lynskey, Ed Set In . . .
 North America, USA, West Virginia, Virginia
Genre: Mystery
Time Frame: 1990s
Published: 2008
Description: “Ed Lynskey's new novel PELHAM FELL HERE is a delight. With a plot as complex as your grandmother's crocheted doilies, Mr. Lynskey creates a portrait of the rural hill country that rings as true as the clank of a Copenhagen can on a PBR can, as does his handle on guns, love, and betrayal. This a novel well worth the read and makes me want more.”
James Crumley, author of THE LAST GOOD KISS

PELHAM FELL HERE offers readers Frank Johnson's rich back story, an unusual departure from most of today's private eye series. We learn how the ex-military cop and part-time gunsmith Frank, now back living in his hometown of Pelham, Virginia, gets into the private investigator racket. He discovers somebody has killed his cousin Cody Chapman with a twelve-gauge shotgun blast. Enraged, Frank wants some answers and wants them fast. Was Cody involved in an illegal arms smuggling scheme? The disturbing mystery grows deeper when a pair of murderous deputy sheriffs ambush Frank on the river. After killing them in self-defense, Frank must take it on the lam while he continues his investigation, relying on his wits and smarts. Eventually, he finds a vicious group of Neo-Nazis holed up in a remote mountain castle may be behind Cody's murder. Frank realizes he's outnumbered and outgunned, but it hardly deters him from seeing the fight through to the end. Luckily, a couple of bounty hunter pals, Gerald and his kid brother Chet Peyton, throw in with Frank to even the odds. Events heat up to a frenetic pace until the climatic moment when Frank finds himself entangled in a dogfight for his very life.

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