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   The Killer

The Killer

Author: Elgos, Jack Set In . . .
 Europe, Ireland
Genre: Fiction
Time Frame: 1970-1990s
Published: 2012
Three all action thriller stories.
The Killer - 1. Sure to leave fans of action adventure books wanting more.

Fast moving thriller story of espionage, betrayal and revenge.
Darren/Butch McCann's adventures begin in Northern Ireland, he's a small, young, Irish guy.
His survival, on the violent streets of 1970s Belfast, depends on his ability to fight, he learns quickly and fights well.
The hard men of the Provisional Irish Republican Army attempt to recruit him but, though he is Catholic, he refuses to take sides - until a family tragedy allies him with the cause.
After specialist military training he becomes an efficient sniper and freedom fighter but, it is one night, and one brutal interrogation, which earn him a reputation as The Butcher of Belfast, pairing him with his infamous knife, The Killer.
Following a particularly high profile sniper kill in Northern Ireland he is forced to take refuge in Spain where he becomes involved with the men of an E.T.A paramilitary unit at their terrorist training camp deep in the Basque country.
There, after a thrilling and daring raid, he forms strong alliances with his new brethren.
When the Provos, and an old friend, call him back to action he performs his duty, but a moment of doubt makes him realise his home is now in the hills of Spain.
He knows he will always fight against the establishment, but one British Government spy has other ideas.

Reviews for this fast moving action adventure trilogy

Very Well Done Thriller By Deslock Kindle Action & Adventure
"This book was a quick read and very engaging. I like reading stories about the I.R.A. and the Troubles. This book focuses more on how the lead character grew up and became what he became, versus any type of history about the Troubles. If you're looking for more of a historic novel and "deep dive" on the Troubles, this book is not it. It assumes you know the history.
If you're looking for a quick action thriller with a good adventure story set within the backdrop of the Troubles, this is a good one."

Great story
By Mark Kindle Military Thrillers
"This is a gripping action thriller that takes you on a journey to 70s and 80s England and Northern Ireland. The plot is very well written, and I've enjoyed the suspenseful action so much I read the book in one sitting. The main characters are richly brought to life, and the author's ability to add multiple dimensions to the has kept me captivated. I hope to see it made into an action adventure movie some day. A highly recommended thriller."

Highly recommended, great reading By littleleg02 Kindle Adventure Stories & Action
"This is a great read with plenty of action, once you start reading you won't be able to put it down. Fantastic story lines can't wait for the next book."

Proper page-turner
By Lucius Kindle Thrillers
"I have to agree with the previous reviewers - once I started reading The Killer, there was never a slow point where considered putting it down. The book is full of clever twists, and I loved the way the fast paced action was maintained throughout. Add to that a likeable main character, and some truly funny moments to counter the murder and mayhem, and you have a highly entertaining action adventure book. Can't wait for The Butchers return"

Quite the Page Turner. By Jacob G Kindle Crime Thrillers & Mystery
"This book is remarkably well written, and the mystery is both gripping and original. Unlike many of the murder suspense thrillers out today this one has depth and will keep your attention with every single page."

A well written thriller, could not put it down. By Jay Kindle Action & Adventure
"This book is a great read from start to finish, the troubles, lies, extreme vi
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