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Author: Alexis, Andre Set In . . .
 North America, Canada, Ontario, Ottawa
Genre: Fiction
Time Frame: 1980s
Published: 2008
Description: Asylum, Volume One, is for the newcomer to recovery and the family members of the newcomer. We, at The Addicted Project, have attempted to describe our experience, strength, and hope in a non-conventional way yet with a very real voice. With profanity permitted and authenticity embraced, we take you through personal experiences expressed through the writing and poetry of those who are often considered the “low-bottom alcoholics and addicts.” There are no “drug of choice” boundaries in this issue or, for that matter, in any issue of Asylum. There are no topics or stories that are taboo; pulling toilet-water into a syringe at a Greyhound station, drinking to a BAC level of .512 while on Antabuse, and observing an adolescent overdose on heroin are just a few of the scenarios we “ordinary” addicts experience. Our stories are not those seen on Dr. Phil. We are not the celebrities able to achieve the sobriety goal televised for the masses. We are individuals. We are ordinary. We are the truth of addiction. And there is nothing typical about recovery as the flashy, glamorous, Hollywood productions might lead you to believe. Asylum documents and produces the truth about addiction—its effects on alcoholics, addicts, and their family members. We have set aside our philosophical and political differences to embrace the concept of recovery in its rawest, most unfiltered form. The message of recovery can be found even in these messy, dark, and complicated stories; the reader will find love, respect, hope, and ultimate freedom in their purest forms. Asylum pushes the boundaries to have the voices of addicts, alcoholics and their families heard with the goal of making an impact that will not be forgotten.
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