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   Blue Moon

Blue Moon

Author: Bonds, Parris Afton Set In . . .
 Central America, Mexico
Genre: Other
Time Frame: None
Description: Brilliant, headstrong, and still unmarried, the lovely Roxana Van Buren brings disgrace upon her illustrious family in 1916. But even her father, the formidable U.S. Supreme Court Justice, lacks the power to thwart her plans for a journalism career. Roxana aims for the impossible -- an interview with Pancho Villa, the infamous Mexican revolutionary. She strikes out for the Southwest, unafraid. In need of an escort, she hires a brash blond cowboy and sometime soldier, Sam Brady. Roxana knows she can handle the revolutionaries, but she soon has her doubts about her ability to handle Sam. He love his whiskey, his freedom and his women with equal abandon, and he isn't quite willing to change his ways. Together, the indomitable Roxana Van Buren and the unconquerable Sam Brady take on an army of Mexican rebels before they take on each other.
“Beat it mister!” Her brown eyes flashed at him, and she looked away, muttering, “I’m waiting for someone.”
“So?” He winked lecherously. “This carcass doesn’t take long to pleasure, sweetheart. Five minutes in the back room oughta do it.” He could see he had rattled her, although she was striving to cover it.
Her mouth curled contemptuously. “I’ve bitten a few rotten coins, mister,” she hissed, “and don’t need to hook up with the likes of you."

So began the acquaintance of the indomitable Roxana Van Buren and the unconquerable Sam Brady.

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