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   The Law of Three

The Law of Three

Author: Sellars, M.R. Set In . . .
 North America, USA, Missouri
Genre: Thriller
Time Frame: 2000s
Published: 2003

No good deed goes unpunished, but that hasn’t stopped me yet.

My name is Rowan Gant. I’m a Witch with an unfortunate gift—I can hear the voices of the dead. Not just any dead, mind you. I hear the spirits of murder victims. Personally, I think of it as a curse. The cops, on the other hand, consider my uncommon talent an invaluable investigative tool, which is why I often work for them as a consultant. Too often, unfortunately, and believe me, it is taking a serious toll…

Just over one year ago I was called in to help the Major Case Squad track down Eldon Andrew Porter, a spree killer determined to resurrect the Witch hunts, trials, and executions of the 15th century. He left a string of tortured bodies and screaming souls in his wake, and then he turned his violent attentions to me. Fortunately, I survived our face-to-face encounter, though just barely. After that, Porter disappeared—vanished without a trace—and he stayed that way. Until now, that is…

Eldon Porter is not the kind of fanatical sociopath who simply gives up, and to be honest, I never believed he would. I’ve been expecting this all along. Now he is intent on giving me a one-way ticket to Hell, with an extended preview right here on Earth. But he should make no mistake—if I’m going, I have absolutely no intention of taking the trip alone.

If I have to kill him before he kills me, I will. Whatever it takes, I am going to end this…
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