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   Die Tochter des Advokaten

Die Tochter des Advokaten

Author: Schutzhofer, Kirsten Set In . . .
 Europe, France
Genre: Other
Time Frame: None
Description: France, 1789. When Sophie Fouquet, who as an abandoned child was raised by a lawyer in a village in Provence, comes to Paris, she is filled with curiosity and a thirst for knowledge. Her position as the companion of Cécile de Montfort is the fulfilment of a dream, for from then on she will be a part of the exciting life of the city. But Cécile, after the loss of her first child, finds it difficult to share Sophie’s joy of life, and her short marriage to Jules de Montfort is already in ruins. Sophie has felt a deep connection with Jules from the first day she met him. She introduces him to Pierre Lemaire, Daniel de Vergnieux, and Daniel’s sister Adrienne. She soon shares their enthusiasm for the revolutionary atmosphere and the ideals of equality, liberty, and fraternity. On the streets of Paris the people, suffering from hunger, are becoming radicalised. In the Montfort house the situation comes to a head. Jules, after an argument with his father, leaves the house and allies himself, as does the noblewomen Adrienne, with the populace. Sophie, who has been providing her friends with food, remains with Cécile, who for her part, because of her disappointments about her failed life, is acting as an agent for the royalty. Paris is burning. The storming of the Bastille, the massacre of August the 10th, the construction of the guillotines, and finally the murders of September cause divisions among the friends Jules, Pierre and Daniel, who have differing attitudes concerning the justification of terror and violence. The revolution then demands its tribute. Pierre must witness his secret love Adrienne be violated by the mob. Daniel, in hopeless desperation, takes part in a senseless battle in the Vendée. Then in 1793, the Reign of Terror under Robespierre starts to engulf all around it. Sophie, who had fled to the countryside, returns to Paris to look for Jules. She finds him, but her happiness is short lived. Jules, while helping Pierre escape from his pursuers, is himself arrested and executed. Sophie leaves Paris, carrying Jules’ child within her – with the hopes of a better life. Press PressOpinions Author Kirsten Schützhofer, born in 1972, studied German and English in Dublin and Frankfurt. She then worked as an English teacher before studying library science at the Leipzig Library. She spent time at the Goethe Institute in Bordeaux, the libraries of Colmar, and the Paris Archives. The Lawyer’s Daughter is her first novel. She is working on her second, about a stained-glass painter of church windows in 13th-century France.
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