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Cover Title Author Genre Time Frame Locations
When Religion Becomes Evil: Five Warning Signs When Religion Becomes Evil: Five Warning Signs Kimball, Charles Other None Asia, Indonesia
A Time for Dreams A Time for Dreams Holling, Jen Other None Europe, England, Scotland
Blood and Belonging Blood and Belonging Ignatieff, Michael Historical Late 20th Century Middle East, Turkey, Europe, Northern Ireland, North America, Canada, Quebec, Croatia, Germany, Iraq, Northern Iraq, Serbia, Ukraine
Hondo Hondo L'Amour, Louis Fiction 1800s North America, USA, Arizona, Sulphur Springs valley
The Coast of Summer The Coast of Summer Bailey, Anthony Travelogue 1990s North America, USA, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Cape Cod, Connecticut, Stonington
It Takes a Village It Takes a Village Cowen-Fletcher, Jane Children's 1990s Africa, Benin
The Fisherman's Bride The Fisherman's Bride Swiderska, Barbara Other None Europe, Poland
The Kid Stays in the Picture The Kid Stays in the Picture Evans, Robert Non-Fiction 20th Century North America, USA, California, Hollywood
High Fidelity High Fidelity Hornby, Nick Fiction Late 20th Century Europe, England, London
We Carry Each Other We Carry Each Other Kim, Aijung Other None North America, USA, Rochester, New York
Labbaik Labbaik Mufti, Mumtaz Other None Asia, Pakistan
Rome and Jerusalem Rome and Jerusalem Goodman, Martin Historical 1st Century Europe, Italy, Rome, Middle East, Israel, Jerusalem
Traded Secrets Traded Secrets Presley, Victoria Other None North America, USA, Tennessee
AKIRA #2: Pursuit AKIRA #2: Pursuit Otomo, Katsuhiro Other None Asia, Japan
Blood of Angels Blood of Angels Marshall, Michael Thriller 2000s North America, USA, California, Los Angeles
Dirty Laundry Dirty Laundry Woods, Paula L. Thriller 1990s North America, USA, California, Los Angeles
La Cultura Politica Puertorriquena La Cultura Politica Puertorriquena Pabon, Milton Other None Caribbean, Puerto Rico, Central America
Transfer Point Transfer Point Forbes, Kathryn Other None North America, USA, California, San Francisco
An Irish Country Doctor An Irish Country Doctor Taylor, Patrick Other None Europe, Ireland
Bridge to Terabithia Bridge to Terabithia Paterson, Katherine Young Adult 1970s North America, USA, Virginia
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