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Cover Title Author Genre Time Frame Locations
Torn Torn Massey, David Young Adult 21st century Asia, Afghanistan, Helmand
As Aventuras de Ngunga As Aventuras de Ngunga Pepetela Other None Africa, Angola
Tristessa Tristessa Kerouac, Jack Other None Central America, Mexico
The Bachelor Tax The Bachelor Tax Davidson, Carolyn Other None North America, USA, Texas
The Reluctant Debutante The Reluctant Debutante Lower, Becky Romance 1854-5 North America, USA, New York, New York City
The Pillow Book of Lady Wisteria The Pillow Book of Lady Wisteria Rowland, Laura Joh Historical Novel 1600s Asia, Japan, Tokyo
A Winter Haunting A Winter Haunting Simmons, Dan Horror 2000s Europe, France, Paris, North America, USA, Montana, Illinois
Hot Spell Hot Spell Holly, Emma Other None Europe, North America, USA, England, Louisiana, Tennessee, Arkansas
Purge Purge Oksanen, Sofi Fiction 1936-1992 Europe, Estonia
Savage Surrender Savage Surrender Lamb, Charlotte Other None Europe, Greece
A Knight in Shining Armor A Knight in Shining Armor Deveraux, Jude Other None Europe, England
Hunted Hunted Snyder, J.M. Other None North America, USA, Virginia, Richmond
Memory of Dances Memory of Dances Coronel, Sheila S. Other None Asia, Philippines
The Secret Scroll The Secret Scroll Ewing, Lynne Other None North America, USA, Los Angeles, California
The Ice Palace The Ice Palace Vesaas, Tarjei Other None Norway, Scandanavia
Feeling Sorry for Celia Feeling Sorry for Celia Moriarty, Jaclyn Other None Sydney, Australia
The Deep Blue Good-by The Deep Blue Good-by MacDonald, John D. Other None North America, USA, Florida
Kinesisk historia Kinesisk historia Henrikson, Alf Other None Asia, China
Mac's Law Mac's Law McCarty, Sarah Other None North America, USA, Texas
Castle on the Border Castle on the Border Benary-Isbert, Margot Other None Europe, Germany
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